Keeping ’em coming….

Here are my next lot of ‘boards, written as they would happen chronologically. Although there’s a gap here between the second and third page cos I ain’t written it yet (the missing bit being the answer to the narrative’s puzzle). I was just desperate to start drawing the protagonist in his living hell to see … Continue reading

Trouble in paradise

Here are some storyboards I have been working on. They’ve been written in chronological order but this is not necessarily the order they will appear in within the story. Instead, the narrative will start in the present tense and flashback to these scenes as the plot unravels…you with me? The current day will depict the … Continue reading

Noise making (non obviously musical)

We were all asked to bring along a non musical, sound making object for a lecture by the legendary Ron Geesin last week. Unfortunately it had to be postponed because of the freakish weather we’ve been having recently. The little undead fella you see here was going to be my contribution. Wind him up and … Continue reading

Man, machine, space and time

Some character designs here showing how the star of my new project might look as both a human and a machine hybrid. Had been thinking the spindly old James Jonah Jameson look-a-like was a dead cert but now my story is changing I might make him a little younger. The storyboard was just an improv … Continue reading


Here is a taster sequence for my latest idea. I suppose it represents a “trailer” or “pitch” for my new project. I’m basically mashing together ideas from Jekyll and Hyde, The Twilight Zone and Tetsuo to make a parody about a man who becomes fused with his vacuum cleaner! I want it to be a … Continue reading